Genuine UGG actually in terms of leather or soles are very dirty

Genuine UGG actually in terms of leather or soles are very dirty, especially the soles, it is easy to stick dust. If it is to go home every day, you can take the hair dryer (must be cold! Absolutely can not use hot air!) Purge again on it, one or two months blowing time, should not be too long, two minutes enough. Shoes, the best inside the support board, no use of newspapers instead, the effect is also very good. Smooth newspaper not ah ~ ~ ~, the best ordinary newspaper, you can also fake uggs for sales go to the moisture and foot odor, ha ha, do not stuffed, and slightly can hold up like to leave the gap. Outside the plastic bag, do not seal, on the dry shade.


If it is encountered in the water, encountered rain, should not use clean water! There is mud do not wash! Can not put the sun low exposure. Must first use the hair dryer cold air dry, blowing all dry. The faster the process is done, the more slowly the dust and mud on the shoes. Do not rub by hand or cloth, slowly Shan. Wait until completely dry after, and then clean the coarse cloth towel rub again, and then began to rub with a little bit of rubber. Rubber do not choose too hard, on the kind of very cheap primary school students, just wiping something on the crashed down the best off the end of the rubber. With each part of the tip of the shampoo, polished for a piece, strength to light, and the first to feel the skin of the lines, a single direction rub. The polished rubber is finally replica uggs for sale used to wash the side and bottom of the soles, and the personal feeling is that even the bottom does not wash with water, especially when it is dirty. It can not erase the big black block, but also careful cleaning quickly dry.


Although professional cleaning agent can be washed off, but the feeling will fade, out a small piece also feel awkward. I have used a feeling is also a good way, that is, with soap or soap powder (soap detergent detergent this absolutely not a), in the palm of the hand inside the bubble, and then use the makeup of a small brush, stained with a little A little brush the place of grease, brush with a paper towel to suck away the bubble. This trick on the light-colored UGG is still very appropriate, especially in the yellow, because the dry water point that dry brush that place, will change or oxidation. But feel the place where soap powder will be slowly yellow hair, light is not too much to see out.

Dark, I have used the light of the remover water to his girlfriend’s shoes care once, the feeling can also be used to absorb the paper, do not use water and then touch.

Had the risk of using soap powder sprinkled on the shoes like a matte gently grinding again. But this method I do not respected, not insurance, do not know what will change later. And the effect of decontamination is not very strong, fancy is not obvious, but still let me feel lost the original texture.

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