ugg trend is ahead, ahead of the sales season into a full month

Dust, to the winter, ugg wear rate is very high, the daily go home, you can take the hair dryer against the boots from top to bottom blowing on the ok, remember that the hair dryer must be cold, do not use hot air, Will damage the boots, each time the time can not be too long, two minutes on the line. In the storage time, in the fake uggs for sale boots inside the newspaper, to the ordinary newspaper Oh, can not be smooth, ordinary newspaper soft and strong water absorption, can be very good moisture and foot odor, the game can not be too full To leave a little gap, and then put the plastic bag on the outermost on the dry and cool place.

Now ugg trend is ahead, ahead of the sales season into a full month, but will not be earlier than the previous season to come early? I guess it will. fake Uggs consumer groups actually quite fixed, although the price of ugg sub-grade, but the people who buy the file, and whenever the people bought almost when the off-season also came, this year’s hot may be people ahead of time Consumption, and perhaps the influx of more people, but the off-season will not come ahead? We will wait and see

How to identify ugg snow boots:

1. From the price point of view. As the raw materials of ugg is very expensive, is produced in Australia, the whole production of small sheepskin, fur one, the soles have a special structure, even by the ugg factory ex-factory price will not be one or two hundred, which please mm Must remember that those “make your heart price” to buy back the ugg is absolutely fake.

2. from the color. Genuine ugg, the color is very positive, ugg official website on the color and the color of the inner plush and the outside color is the same.

3. From the shoe type. The surface of the touch is also very delicate and soft, shoes are more delicate and delicate. Inside the cashmere is very neat, uniform density, feel very soft and comfortable, barefoot wear very comfortable. It is important to wear will feel light, no sense of weight. Quite warm.

4. from the shoe structure.

1). Boots are also sewn with a water mark (above style, name, number, material, code number, origin, etc.)

2). The side of the box with a code mark (above note the style name, number, color, code number, men’s shoes or women’s shoes)

3). The same parts of the same pair of shoes to be consistent, color pattern to be consistent, toe length, after the level to be consistent.

4). Upper needle car line basically the same, no jump needle, missing needle, broken line.

5). Inside and outside the shoes clean, smooth, no shrinkage deformation.

6) .UGG soles have ‘R’ registered logo and certainly have the brand of ugg.

7) .ou traditional shoe type trademark in the heel (ugg trademark) slippers, home shoes trademark is printed on the shoe in the shoe.

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